Central Iowa Go Tournament

Main Event (AGA Rated)

$20 Entry Fee
Must have up to date AGA membership and paid registration prior to event, or have arrangements made. No money will be exchanged on tournament site.

email: info@iowago.club to register or reach out on Discord


AGA Rules. Handicap: rating diff -2
30+30(5) Time Controls. 4 Rounds.


Setup & Check-in9:00am
Round 110:00am
Round 211:30am
Round 32:00pm
Round 43:30pm
Clocks will be started at round start even if players are late/absent to keep schedule within venue time constraints.

Free Beginner’s Side Event

Self-pair 9×9 tournament for beginners (unranked). Registration and play is open until 3:30pm for this event, sign up at the event an play at your own pace. Prizes for top finishers, including Go Magic premium memberships.

Games will be played to first 10 captures, White starts with 2 captures, no passing, play to completion or resignation.

Feel free to join our Discord for any questions!